In Memory of Shetemi Ayetigbo

31st May 2024

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Today, we remember Shetemi, and his infectious smile.

As you may be aware following the passing of Shetemi, a trust fund was established in his honour. By the terms of the Trust, the fund now closes. The trustees have divided the remaining funds and distributed them in equal amounts to the schools on the peninsula. In the spirit of the trust, these funds will continue to be used for the educational and sporting needs of young people in our community.

Today in Donabate Community College, it was our absolute honour to accept in Shetemi’s honour funds from this Trust.

Pictured below are the Principal Mr. John Doyle receiving a cheque from Ms. G. Collins from the Trust also Ms. Ger Collins and Ms. Deborah McArdle from the Trust.

In particular today on the anniversary of Shetemi’s passing, Shetemi’s family are very much in our thoughts.