Leaving Cert Achievements 2022

28th September 2022

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Recently, we were delighted to welcome back students from the 2022 Leaving Cert year group who excelled in this year’s exams. They were presented with their Awards by Mr Creevey at a gathering of our new first year students. Mr Creevey spoke of his pride of the Class of 2022 and all they had achieved while with us in Donabate Community College. Mr Creevey urged the new first year students to follow the example of our new graduates. Their hard work, dedication to their studies and willingness to not only get involved in the school community but also the wider community is a terrific example for other students. Students were treated to a reception where they got to catch up with one another while photographs were taken. 

Huge congratulations to Gemma Roche who received the maximum number of CAO points; 625. We are incredibly proud of this unique achievement. Gemma Roche will be studying science in UCD. We wish her every success with her studies. Her advice to this year’s Leaving Cert students is timely. Gemma advised students to start studying as soon as you can because a good start is half the battle. 

There was great advice from other students also. They advised to take breaks and prioritise rest while studying as well as keeping on top of your work throughout the year to avoid cramming at the end. More advice was to go into the exam with confidence because if you think you are going to do well you have a higher chance to do so. Key at this time of the year was the advice to make a study plan to keep on top of the work and to balance studying with social interactions and hobbies. 

We were delighted to hear what students were off to do next in their lives and we hope they enjoy every minute! 

Gavin Matthews – Law and Business at TUD 

Ella Jinks – French and Latin in Trinity 

Amy Bryans – Global Business France at DCU 

Neasa Bissett – Biological Science in DCU 

Ciara Stell – Business in DCU 

Ella O Neill – English Literature and Irish at Trinity 

Emily Malone – Engineering in Trinity 

Islamia Rasheed – Chemistry in DCU 

Adam Roche – Analytical science in DCU 

Finn Martin – Education and Training in DCU 

Jessica Hand – Zoology in University of Sussex  

Matthew O Connor – Engineering at DCU 

Gemma Roche – Science at UCD 

Sam Weinman – Psychology at DFEI 

Jodie Sinnott – Architecture at TUD 

Emma Kiernan  – Multimedia at DCU.

The school is very proud of these students for all their hard work and we wish them all the best in the future. 

By Katelyn O Hara and Alison Higgins, TY Journalism