Transition Year Graduation 2022

30th May 2022

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We were delighted to welcome parents and students to DCC last week for the 2022 Transition Year Graduation. It was the first in person Graduation since before the pandemic, and it was terrific to welcome back the DCC community into the school building.

Ms Orohoe opened the Graduation Ceremony by inviting the Transition Year classes into the hall alongside their tutors. She congratulated the Transition Year class for their many achievements during this Academic Year. Ms Finn’s TY Music class then performed by playing the ukulele, a skill they picked up during the year, accompanying Olivia Lawlor, Alexandra Burke and Ella Nolan on vocals.

Students participated in a wide range of activities including self-defence, driving lessons, first aid, barista training, sports coaching and work experience among lots of other endeavours.

Mr Creevey spoke to the gathering and expressed his pride in the achievements of the Transition Year cohort and wished them well as they get set to enter their Senior Cycle in the new term. Mr Creevey thanked Ms Orohoe and Mr Treacy for their work with the TY group this year. Mr Creevey presented his Principal’s Award to Ava Pender and Moya Bishop for their contribution to school life during the year.

TY students Lía Bracken and Ruby Corcoran then spoke on behalf of the TY class reflecting on their TY experience. Students spoke with great confidence and explained what they had gained from their time in Transition Year.

Each student was presented with a folder which included a reflection on their year as well as the many certificates students earned over the course of the year. Students also included personal momentoes and achievements of their TY experience such as their CV, work experience diary or work they are particularly proud of during the year. A big thank you to Hazel McGoey for designing the beautiful front cover and to Eimear Davey and Lía Bracken for compiling the activities. You can read the booklet students were given here.

Ms Orohoe then moved on to Academic Achievement Awards and these were presented by Mr O’Meara and Ms Maguire, TY Tutors.

Very well done to Hope Mlauzi, Andrew Forkin, Luke Weller and Sarah Gormley who received Spirit of TY Awards for involving themselves in school life, for trying new things and being open to new experiences – all attributes of the TY Programme.

Well done to Lía Bracken and Ruby Corcoran who received awards for their Contribution to the School for the last Academic Year. Congratulations to Aliyatt Badmus and Eimear Davey who were announced as Students of the Year.

The audience were then treated to a video of a compilation of photos from the year. Thanks to Laura Matthews and Ruby Corcoran for their assistance in creating the video.

Many congratulations to this year’s Transition Year class. We are so thrilled with all you have accomplished during the year and we wish you all a wonderful summer break before entering Senior Cycle in the new term!

You can view more photos of the TY Graduation on our Facebook page here.