TY Trip to Causey Farm

10th May 2023

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On Monday 24th of April the TY students from DCC went on a school trip to Causey Farm in Co. Meath. It was noticeably clear on the journey to the farm that the students were excited about this school tour.  

We split into four groups when we got there, and all started with different activities. We all began with baking bread with steps given by the tour guide. Once we were done, we let it rise. All the groups went on a tour with their own private tour guide looking at all the animals on the farm. There were cows, sheep, pigs, llamas and even camels! 

After a lovely walk through the farm, seeing chickens and playing a few short games, we then went into a room with cans of paint and walls to paint on. We all left marks on the walls with the paint and some people even painted on themselves. It was a moment to remember. 

It had already been such a fun day, but the best activity was still yet to come. We changed into old clothes and then took a tractor with a trailer towards the bog. When we finally got there everyone ran with excitement to jump into the bog. It was dirty, cold, and sticky but it was everything all the students could have hoped for.  

Everyone returned on the tractor back to the farm with a giant smile on their faces, and dirt all over their clothes. The students changed into fresh clothes and ate the freshly made bread from earlier in the day. Everyone went home with an experience they will not forget! 

Article with thanks to Fionn Hickey and Josh Higgins, TY Journalism