Happy Pi Day!

There was great excitement in Maths classes in DCC today as the Maths Department celebrated Pi Day.
Maths classes today took part in a range of Pi activities from Pi dingbats to Kahoot and competition for learning the most digits of Pi.

The pi digits competition began this morning with third year student Neasa Bissett reciting an impressive 90 digits. In period 3, 5th Year student Elizabeth Akinwande recited a lengthy 94 digits. Just before lunchtime, Eleanor Ronan from sixth year took the lead with a remarkable 120 digits!

Competition among second years was building after lunch. Well done to Charlie Rice O’Dwyer who recalled the most pi digits in Ms. Bayly’s Maths class. An incredible 200 digits of Pi was recited by Thawalratn Yodsaeng from Rang Noble. Well done to all students who learned off many digits of Pi and took part in the competition.

It wasn’t only the students who were enjoying Pi Day when staff were treated to Apple Pie by the social committee at break time!

The Maths department had a great day celebrating Pi day with students and staff and thank everybody for taking part!

Thanks to Ms. Bayly for these photos from Pi Day!