Art Materials Company Competition

26th May 2020

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During our current school closures, TY student Amy Bryans has been part of a small team working on creating a national Creativity Art Competition for the Art Materials Company. Amy has worked extremely hard on this project and is excited to see it launched. Please see a message from Amy below – she would love to see the DCC community get involved!
“The competition is open to people of all ages (adults included) from 5 years of age up. The company is working with charity partners- The Jack and Jill Foundation and Alone. The goal is to give people a creative outlet during lockdown. The theme for this year is ‘Freedom In A Time Of Constraint’ and we are hoping that people will take this as a chance to express how recent changes have given them a new type of freedom despite the new restrictions.
We’re encouraging everyone to give this a go whether they are an art student or not. Teachers can enter too! We also have a collaboration category where two relatives can collaborate on a piece of artwork so this is a great option for parents and kids, etc.
Please see more information on the links here and here and on the photo below!
Well done Amy and we hope that our DCC Community will get involved!