Come In Day at DCC!

20th December 2021

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Come In Day is a day to celebrate and support our LQBTQ+ peers, it is a chance to stand up against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. According to online sources, 90% of students hear anti LGBT comments in school, Stand Up Week is a time to fight against these comments and make school a safer and happier place for our LGBT peers.  

On Friday the 3rd of December, students in Donabate CC dressed in their rainbow colours and the halls were decorated with colourful balloons and flags for Come In to Come Out Day. Each accessible bathroom has also been converted to accessible gender-neutral bathrooms for anyone who wants to avail of them. Students also sported rainbow laces as seen on footballers this past month.

First years wore red, seconds years orange, third years yellow, fourth years green, fifth years blue and sixth years purple and they stood united showing the pride flag. It is important to show and raise our support for this vital matter as the problems often go unnoticed. 

The day was organised by this year’s TY Headstrong committee members; Moya Bishop, Ava Pender, Luke Weller, Colm Byrne and Rianna Muntean. Thanks to Ms Gentles for all her help and assistance. We hope to see the same enthusiasm for next year’s event. 

 By Ava Pender, TY Journalism