Covid-19 Changes at DCC

6th October 2020

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It has been a busy few weeks here in DCC as staff and students have gotten used to the new rules around Covid-19.
A huge thank you to TY Journalism students Diarmuid Whitehead, Emma Carroll, Nicole Murray, Peter Oliver and Alex Connolly who have put together this video to help outline some of the changes to school life (make sure you have your sound on!). In particular, well done to Diarmuid and Alex for composing and performing the music you can hear in the background!
We would like to thank everyone sincerely for abiding by these new rules; everything from mask-wearing while in the building, wiping down desks and having doors and windows open to ensure proper ventilation of rooms.
We know it hasn’t been easy and we are very proud of everyone for how they have shown their resilience and adapted to the new procedures.