TY Students Receive Road Safety Talk

15th November 2021

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On the 11th of November, our TY students received a Road Safety talk from Garda Dave Brennan who is a member of the Santry Garda Station visited our school to give the road safety talk.

Garda Brennan explained many aspects of road safety that many of our TY students hadn’t known before. He spoke about the importance of wearing your seatbelt, the many factors that affect your safety on the road such as the weather conditions and whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Students were shown a number of videos to emphasise the consequences of not wearing your seatbelt.

Garda Brennan also reflected on his own experiences of being a guard and the horrible scenes he has seen after crashes, The TY students found this talk very informative and instructional. Many thanks to Garda Brennan for visiting DCC and for the time he took to speak to students about such an important topic.

By Dara Heffernan, TY Journalism